Goodbye 2012

Before I can say a proper hello to 2013, and look forward at our plans and hopes for this year, I think I need to say a proper goodbye to 2012. It was very much a year of transition for each of us – from Scotland to England, from the education sector to the charity sector, from toddler to preschooler. There were – as with any year – both ups and downs, but I am pretty proud of how well we have all adjusted, and I’m so pleased that I have taken the time to record many of the best moments on this blog.


I was fairly dermined at the start of 2012 to make the most of living somewhere new, and to get out and about exploring as a family. We’ve done a decent job of that – with trips to museums and farm parks, and plenty of local walks – but we could probably try and do more this year.

(I am starting as I mean to go on with a trip into London on Friday to see my friend The Start Up Wife, who took the photo above.)

We were also very lucky to travel further afield in 2012 – to Turks and Caicos in February, Scotland in August, and the States in November. DorkyDad had two eye-opening work trips to Liberia and Mozambique, along with numerous other meetings around the UK and Europe

After a visit to Downing Street reignited my passion for activism and campaigning, I’m afraid the ranty posts became a bit more regular. I got my duster up this year about everything from climate change to the Middle East, from the US Elections to UK poverty, from my own political identity to the Kony campaign. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Liz Jones. It is campaigns rather than cupcakes in this corner of the internet.

I also used this as a place to reminisce. A place to record those memories – about houses, holidays, dreams and experiences – that feel important enough to write down, but have no other home.

But at the end of the day, I started this blog as a place to write about the people I love, so that remained the focus. I wrote fairly soppy posts about my Mum, Dad and husband, and – of course – there were many posts about our dear wee DorkySon.

I am not sure what exactly 2013 will hold for us all, but I hope this blog remains a place where I can ramble away about whatever is on my mind. And I hope you will continue to visit. Thanks for all your support, and have a wonderful year x

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  1. Ours was a year of transition too, and like you I am glad I have been able to detail it on my blog although I only started it half way through the year, but I am glad that I can use it as a tool to remember all the things we did and my thoughts and feelings along the way. Look forward to continuing to follow and read your blog in 2013.

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