Project 52: Weeks 44-47

Hello hello! We’re back from our holidays.

Thank you so much to all the brilliant guest posters who kept the blog looking busy while I was away stuffing myself with Thanksgiving turkey, and thanks also to everyone who kept visiting, commenting and sharing the posts. I really appreciate it.

I’ll make time to do a proper post about our time away later in the week, but for starters I thought I’d catch up on my Project 52 and share a few photos. At some point in the year I think I missed a week or two by accident, so I’ll take this opportunity to get back on the right schedule.

Week 44 – This wasn’t a bad start to a little boy’s holiday!

Harry Potter Kings Cross Platform 9 and 3/4

Week 45 – These are three of my favourite American beers that I get the opportunity to drink at Thanksgiving. The middle one – Magic Hat number 9 – is my favourite, because there is a little piece of wisdom printed under every bottle top that you can read when you open it up. Funnily enough, the more of it you drink, the wiser those words appear…

Fat Tire, Yuengling, Magic Hat Number 9

Week 46 – South Carolina is the only place I’ve visited where it is acceptable to eat oysters by the bucket. We steamed these ones at home and ate them with our fingers, dipped into a mixture of melted butter, worcestershire sauce and lime.

steamed oysters

Week 47 – One of my favourite sights in the low country – a bottle tree, used to keep the haints away. Read more about them here on the Island Packet website.

Blue Bottle tree haints

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    • Thanks lovely, missed you back. I really enjoyed being off Twitter for a bit though, it has definitely reminded me of the value of offline time, and I think I’m going to have a big cull so that I’m only following people who give off good vibes and positive energy 🙂 xxx

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