One of my earliest posts on DorkyMum was about DorkySon’s love of sticking things in his scrapbook. Or doing ‘Cut Stick Glue’ as he called it.

We used to spend hours going through magazines and newspapers, cutting out pictures then pasting them into his book. It was a great way of expanding his vocabulary and talking about the things he found interesting in the world.

Unfortunately, that passion seems to have waned. He still likes making the occasional collage for people by cutting out pictures and arranging them on a piece of card or paper, but these days he’s only interested in photos of cars and trucks. The extended DorkyFamily can all look forward to getting transport and building site themed Christmas cards this year…

Anyway. I’m wondering if I should maybe carry on DorkySon’s mantle and start scrapbooking myself.

I’ve always been a bit of a paper hoarder. As a teenager the only thing I really spent money on was magazines, and I’d spend hours cutting them into pieces to make collages for the covers of my school books, or the inside pages of my diary.

collage in scrapbook

Yes, those are the real cover pages from my diary in 2003. They probably provide as much of an insight into my 19 year old self as anything I’ve written inside. I still like the same music (REM), films (Audrey Hepburn) and poetry (Simon Armitage). I’m not sure where the ‘Brueghel has Crabs’ slogan came from, but it’s a fairly accurate indication of how things were going with my Art History course at uni. The only inclusion that bemuses me slightly is Tony Blair, who I’ve pritt-sticked in not just once but twice.

Let’s just skip hastily past that and pretend we haven’t noticed, shall we?

So it has been ten years since I’ve done anything that you could vaguely term ‘scrapbooking’ but recently I’ve been wondering if I should start again. I keep finding myself ripping interesting articles out of newspapers, and then leaving them in piles around the house. I’ll spot a book recommendation, or a funny website, and jot it down on the back of a shopping list without ever remembering to follow up.

I don’t use Pinterest, and am not likely to start soon, but I think I need some kind of filing system for all the thoughts I’ve got going on at the moment. It would be nice if that was something offline rather than online, and I’m thinking a scrapbook may be it. Not one for show – nothing beautiful, just a big pad of coloured paper, sturdy enough for me to stick in all my rippings and cuttings and random thoughts. Inspiring photos, quotes that make me laugh, pictures of the Prime Minister, decorating ideas, potential holiday destinations… you know the kind of thing.

Does anyone do scrapbooks anymore? Should I give it a go, d’you think?



15 responses

  1. Yes, most definitely! It will tidy up those piles of paper round the house for one.
    How about try it for a month, review the result and then decide? YKIMS

      • I guess you could make as hard or as easy as you like? As a trial, Any old notebook and a pot of glue would suffice as a starter? Later if you take to it, you could do the big choosing a good scrapbook bit?

  2. I LOVE scrapbooking! I started a scrapbook a couple of years ago for F. I got to the first six months and then started working again so my evenings were no longer free to make pretty pages in her book. It’s a shame, but I plan to go back to it, maybe with some posts printed from the blog too to add to it. I found it really relaxing and therapeutic.

    • Ooh, you definitely should. I keep a scrapbook for T at the mo – it’s not pretty, but its full of things like tickets from holidays, postcards he has been sent, stickers he gets. Something nice to look back on in future years! It’d be lovely to turn your blog into a wee book if you could too xx

  3. Hi. Scrapbooker is a term I would use wholeheartly to explain me. And what I enjoy doing. I create albums using photos and pretty papers and things. And include writing and sharing the story from that photo. I love it. There is a range of products called Smash! Out there which is a range of journals and stickers and tapes. Designed for making quick on the go collated pages.

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