BritMums Live: What I’m Wearing

So apparently it is the done thing to do a quick post about what you’re wearing to BritMums Live and the Brilliance in Blogging Awards Ceremony. I gave you a sneak peek last week at the lovely dress White Stuff have given me for the event, but I thought I’d better join in and show you the full dress.

White Stuff So Me Dress

Fab, isn’t it?

Hopefully that will help fellow bloggers identify me – I’ve had a couple of tweets from people asking if I will be dressing up as a big red leaf like the one in my blog header!

As for the rest of the outfitty shizzle – shoes and the like – I have no idea. I will see what falls out of the cupboard first.

See you tomorrow, blogger friends!


Disclosure: White Stuff have agreed to provide me with one dress for the BiBS free of charge, in exchange for a mention on my blog.

7 responses

  1. What an elegant dress and a great way to help people identify you too, I’ll have to remember to write about what I’m wearing next time I’m at an event 🙂

  2. You looked fab! I was really impressed with your reading of your twitter post too.

    (Sorry I didn’t get chance to say so in person, but it was all a bit of a blur. So many people, so little time to talk to everyone I wanted to talk to.)

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