Project 52: Week 6

stuffed animal

What is it with kids and stickers? They’re obsessed with the things! I’m already stocking up on sheets of stickers and various sticker activity books for our upcoming 13 hour (eek!) flight.

DorkySon took it to a whole new level today. We were in a shop in town and, while I was browsing, a shopkeeper said to him “You’re being a very good boy… would you like a sticker?

Yes please!” said DorkySon. “You can put it here on my jacket.” So the nice lady popped a sticker onto his jacket.

I think I need one for my pram too,” said DorkySon. The lady laughed, and stuck one onto the handlebar of his pram. All good advertising I suppose.

I could see a mischievous glint starting to appear in DorkySon’s eyes.

Now Binky needs one.

By this stage I’m getting a bit embarrassed, and I slink behind a display, pretending that this greedy wee boy is nothing to do with me. But fortunately she is game, and sticks one on his grubby looking blue lovey.

If Binky has one, then Kangaroo will want one too…” says DorkySon.

Oh God.

Slightly less smiley now, the shopkeeper sticks one on Kangaroo, and then attempts to retreat behind the till again. “I think that’s enough stickers now, don’t you?” she says.

No!” says DorkySon. “Look! Kangaroo’s baby doesn’t have one yet!

Five stickers and one mortified Mummy later, we finally manage to escape the shop.

Wasn’t that nice, Mummy?” says DorkySon. “What a kind lady. Can we go back for some more stickers tomorrow?”


I’ve entered this post into the Things they Say and Do linky over at Thinly Spread. If you want to see what mischief the children of other bloggers have been up to this week, head over there and have a wee look!

21 responses

  1. My only problem with stickers is that the damn things never stick and gravitate to the floor, which is a perfect sticking surface!

  2. I love Dorky Son’s style!
    Back in the good old days of Woolworth’s when my little girl was about 18 months old she would insist on a packet of their stickers every time we went passed. By the time we got home all three sheets would be stuck all over the buggy!
    Good job mummy loves stickers too. Don’t tell Dorky Son about my stash in my office! πŸ˜‰ x

  3. Oh and by the way I think it’s lovely to have a little explanation of the photograph, this post wouldn’t have been the same without it!

  4. Cute! We have pirate stickers everywhere… or, well the amount of them have decreased after I’ve been forced to use my angry-voice when they have been stuck to tables, the floor, windows, etc. Your son is smart to want them on this where they can be removed easily!

  5. They really are aren’t they? “Sticker Time” at the end of ours’ Tumble Tots class in about the only thing that will all the kids there in the same place at once

  6. So funny! Wait till he goes to ‘big school’…he’ll be bribing his teacher!!! Yeah, I’ve had a few tears in class when stickers ‘go missing’ or fall off their uniform…they can become a bit of an obsession with some of the little ones!

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