Happy Thanksgiving

Today is the first time in five years that I haven’t been in the United States for American Thanksgiving. It wasn’t a celebration that I’d paid any attention to until I met DorkyDad, but it is one that I have to come to love dearly.  I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic, so I’ve had a wee look back through some of my photos from the last five years and picked out some favourites.

Thanksgiving is about eating oysters by the bucket.

It is about walks on the beach.

It’s about music.

It’s about everyone going down to the water’s edge to watch the sunset.

In 2008 it was all about the bump.

And in 2009 it was all about the boy.

In 2010 it was still all about the boy. Hmm… How does that work?

Thanksgiving – every year – is about spending time with people you love, eating too much food, and being grateful for all the good things in your life. We may be in South East England today rather than South Carolina, but we still plan to keep up those traditions.

Wishing all our American friends and family a very happy day. Enjoy our share of the oysters… but know that we’ll be expecting double portions next year!


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    • Ahh, it’s a brilliant beach. And so quiet – the kind of beach where you get annoyed if there are more than half a dozen other people on it! Today I am grateful that I get to eat too much and spend time with family twice a year instead of just once 🙂 x

    • Ahhh, that may be the loveliest comment I’ve ever had on this blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. Smooches to you, slayer x

  1. all the best to you, I had a great Thanksgiving with my brother Geoff and and alot of friends, turkey, goose ,amazing side dishes made by all of us and apple & pumpkin pie !

    best wishes, peace & love to you & yours from Portsmouth NH , The Press Room & Me

    • Oh boy, that all sounds good. Glad to hear you had a great day – I like the sound of those pies! Sending plenty of Scottish love across the pond to you xx

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