Photos from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival


I am getting mighty excited about this year’s Edinburgh Festival. Before going on hols I spent a busy couple of weeks writing some articles on kids shows for Fest, and during August DorkySon and I will be squeezing in as many reviews as we can. Meantime DorkyDad will be doing his debut solo show – What I Know About Women So Far – at the PBH Free Fringe, so we have been getting ready for that, and will be sending the flyers off to print soon. You may just get a sneaky preview on here in a week or two…

Anyway, in the spirit of all that, I thought I’d share some of my favourite pictures from last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Some of them made it onto the Flickr slideshows over at Guardian Edinburgh, and I think that site will be very much missed over the summer; not just by performers, promoters, photographers and the like, but by ordinary folk seeking out the best information about what’s going on.





pearl earring

tweed caps

only happy when it rains

trail of destruction

red rope


the queen and the jester

yellow glasses

pillow talk


I can’t wait to get out and about with my camera to see what characters there are around town this year!

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  1. Great pictures! Looking forward to hearing more as the Festival approaches and hope DorkyDad’s debut goes well! You must be very proud!

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