5 Great iPad Apps for Preschoolers

You might remember that during our move from the UK to Australia, I had a pretty horrendous mummy failure moment. I left the iPad with all of DorkySon’s games and apps on it at Dubai Airport. It was particularly bad timing because I knew that in our first weeks here we’d be spending a lot of time standing in queues, sitting in meetings, waiting for estate agents and the like. I’d been planning on using the iPad as a needs-must babysitter for those first few weeks, and had loaded it up with quite a few new apps.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we survived those first few weeks without the iPad (DorkySon ended up eating his own weight in bribery-related chocolate buttons instead), but we did eventually, miraculously, get it back.

Since then, DorkySon has been enjoying some of the new apps that I’d installed for him before we left, and I thought I’d pull together a roundup of some of the best ones. Continue reading

Things We Love

Every so often I like to do a quick roundup of things that I’m enjoying in life just now – mainly things I’ve encountered by chance, occasionally things I’ve been sent for review. I meant to do one before Christmas but ran out of time, so I thought I’d do one now instead.

Radio Paradise logo

Radio Paradise: Radio Paradise is a digital radio station, and it’s the only thing we ever listen to in this house. We’ve completely abandoned our own music collections since we found it. Based in Paradise, California, and run by husband and wife Bill and Rebecca Goldsmith, it is commercial-free, listener-supported, and they play nothing but brilliant music. There is no chat at all, just an eclectic mix of old and new music in almost every style. It’s a bit like Spotify, but with more chance of you finding previously unknown music that you love. Continue reading

A Few of Our Favourite Things

A few months ago – while I was still slightly shell-shocked from BritMums Live – I said that I wasn’t going to do any reviews on the blog, but that I hoped it would be okay for me to still have a bit of a gush occasionally about products that I like.

DorkySon and I have bought a few new bits and pieces recently, and we’ve also been lucky enough to be sent a few things – just because people are lovely rather than on condition of review – so I thought I’d gather some of those together in one post.

Here are a few of our favourite things at the moment.
Continue reading