Things We Love!

It’s time for another one of our wee roundups, talking about some of the things that are making us happy at the moment. Most are these are things I’ve just stumbled on or heard about. There is a disclosure statement at the bottom of the post to cover anything that has been sent to me as a review item.

Slinkachu Dead Leaves

Slinkachu: I did a post a few weeks ago about how much I love street art. Slinkachu’s Little People Project is one of my very favourites examples, combining street art installation projects and photography. I challenge you to look through the galleries of Slinkachu’s tiny little people and not have a wee giggle before you fall completely in love with them. The photo above is called Dead Leaves, from January 2012. For lots more like this check out the Slinkachu website and blog (linked previously) or like the Slinkachu page on Facebook.

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