DorkyDog’s THR surgery: one month on

A brown and white spoodle photographed from above wears an elizabethan collar, and has a support sling under its back legs.

“Look back and laugh? I doubt it.”

DorkyDad said that the other day as he was leaving the room, and it has stuck with me. It’s the perfect summary of our current life.

It’s not often that our little family finds itself in a situation where we can’t see the funny side. Even in some of our roughest patches, we have been able to find moments of light and laughter to help push us through.

But right now? There are not a lot of laughs. With the exception of DorkyDad’s cancer treatment, I’m not sure we’ve ever been through such a relentlessly joyless spell.  Continue reading

DorkyDog’s total hip replacement

Brown and white poodle puppy

When DorkyDad was having radiation treatment, one of the things I really appreciated was how many other people had shared their similar experiences on blogs and forums. It was so reassuring to read about folk who had been through something very challenging and come out the other side, and to pick up numerous hints and tips that made our own experiences easier.

When our little DorkyDog was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, and it was confirmed that she would need surgery, I was hoping to find similar writing online from dog owners. But that hasn’t been the case. Beyond the official information on vet websites, I’ve been able to find very little.

With that in mind, I thought I might write a couple of blog posts as we make our way through this – in the hope that sharing our experience is helpful for others doing the same in future. Writing has also, always, been my way of processing hard things. And this is very definitely a hard thing, so I’m hoping it will be helpful for me too.

Back to the beginning… Continue reading

Puppy life: one month in

A spoodle puppy sitting on a bed (There have been so many interruptions to my attempts to sit down and write this blog that it’s now a week out of date! We’ve had Luna for five weeks, not four. Ach well… most of it still stands. Better done than perfect, right?)

This weekend marked a month since DorkyDog joined our family. It has been… quite possibly the longest month of my life.

She is hilarious and infuriating and sweet as a mid-summer peach.

One month on, it is hard to believe that this wiggly, confident, jolly little soul is the same puppy who had to be coaxed, trembling, out of her travel crate into DorkyDad’s lap.

Here is a quick rundown of our first month together. Continue reading

Introducing DorkyDog

A chocolate brown poodle puppy looks up at the camera from a grassy lawn

We have been talking about getting a dog for years. Literally years.

We made several trips out to the Hobart Dogs Home. We followed the Facebook Pages for every rescue centre in the state. We asked friends to keep an ear out for local puppers needing a good home.

But the timing never felt quite right. There was always something we had to get out of the way first: an international trip, a busy work spell, visitors coming to stay. Continue reading