The Shore Leith

So we are back from Edinburgh – the final stop on the whirlwind world tour that we’ve been making before the big move. It was an easy, sweet and comfortable week, which we spent surrounded by many of the people who know us best. It was an oddly calm and unemotional reunion with the city I once loved so much I dedicated to an entire A-Z to it on this blog.

DorkyDad stayed in the centre of town, and spent most of the week focused on his festival shenanigans. I did steal him away for dinner at our favourite fish restaurant in Leith one evening – the first Dorky date night in a year – and I also made it along to watch the final of the BBC Poetry Slam that he was hosting. Continue reading

Weans’ World

What would make Scotland the best place in the world to bring up children?

The Scottish Government will soon be launching their National Parenting Strategy. You can read more about it here. This is a brilliant opportunity to use our voices as parents and let the Government know what they’re doing well… but more importantly what they could be doing better.

I’ve been asked by the charity Parenting Across Scotland to do a quick post with my own thoughts, but also to help gather your thoughts. Please do feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below, or if you’re on Twitter you can tweet using the #PAS12 hashtag.

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Scotland: Democracy, Devolution and Pandas

political slogan street art

Juliet Swann works as the Campaigns and Research Officer for the Electoral Reform Society in Scotland. The ERS are planning an exciting series of events to get the debate about Scotland’s democracy away from the politicians and into the hands of the people. This isn’t just a conversation about independence, it’s about what’s wrong with politics and how we can fix it, a topic Juliet blogs on below.

Maybe our democracy never really worked that well.

Maybe increased transparency and developments in technology mean that ordinary people are able to appreciate the realities of power and its misuse.

Maybe the modern age has seen an erosion of values such as public service and civic duty that have led to a loss of trust in politics.

Whatever the reasons, the truth is that trust in politics and democracy is ebbing away.
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