The Years Fly By

children's magnetic letters

This time three years ago, I was spending my second day in hospital after a long and fairly messy birth. DorkySon still didn’t have a name – we had been so sure that we were having a girl that we hadn’t really given much thought to boys’ names – and it was almost a week before we finally settled on one.
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A wee jaunt, and a birthday

Portobello Beach

It has been a subdued sort of week here, which has been reflected in the lack of blog posts. We are all very happy… we’ve just been having some downtime after a busy spell.

DorkyDad has had a lot of work travel recently, so DorkySon and I got the train up to Edinburgh last weekend and spent a couple of nights staying with DorkyGranny. It was really nice to be there, although with it being such a short trip I only had time to see a couple of friends, and not everyone I would have liked to. Having seen how easy it is to get up there on my own with DorkySon, and how well it filled the time when DorkyDad was away, we’ll definitely be going up again before too long.
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