Turning 30

You Look Good Just the Way You Are

I have a birthday later this week.

I’ll give you a clue. It’s not 20, and it’s not 40, but it’s the big one in between.

To be honest, I’m not really a fan of birthdays. I already eat cake pretty much every week without needing an excuse… and the things that make me happy in life are usually experiences rather than ‘stuff’ so I don’t get excited at the thought of presents. As for standing there blushing like an eejit while people sing Happy Birthday to me *shudders* well, let’s not dwell on that thought.

This year’s a bit different though. While I’m still not looking forward to the day itself, I am quite looking forward to turning 30. Continue reading

Dear DorkySon…

Painting The Rainbow Old Jack's Boat

Dear DorkySon.

Now you are four!

Didn’t we have a grand old birthday weekend? A night in a lovely hotel on Friday, and a walk round central London on Saturday. We saw the duck boat on its way to the Thames but decided it was too cold to get on one ourselves. You gave a big cheery wave and a hello to every policeman that we saw, but didn’t like watching the guards changing over outside St James’ Palace because you thought their guns and big heavy boots were too scary.

Then home, for your proper birthday; far too many presents from all your generous family and friends – including this wonderful painting of Old Jack’s Boat by DorkyGranny – and so, so much food.

It amazes me, that tummy of yours. It seems you can always fit a little more in… especially if it’s roast potatoes or chocolate cake on offer. But then seeing you constantly running around – climbing under one thing and jumping over the next – it’s no surprise that you need a lot of energy to fuel the engine. Continue reading