One Week to Break the Chains of Hunger

Save the Children Break the Chains of Hunger

It is hard to believe that it is seven years since the G8 took place in Gleneagles. I was living in Edinburgh and I still remember what an incredible buzz there was around the event that year. Say what you like about the success or otherwise of the Make Poverty History campaign and all that has followed – but being in Edinburgh for the MPH march on that incredibly sunny day in 2005, it really felt like we were part of a moment. I was stewarding the march for the first part of the day, so arrived at the Meadows very early in the morning for a briefing, not knowing if the attendance was going to be 1000 people or 10,000. I remember standing there as crowds started to gather… and they grew, and grew, and grew. In the end a quarter of a million people descended on the city to make their ‘white band’ around Edinburgh Castle. It felt good to be one of them.
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