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Ruth Dawkins DorkyMum Tasmanian blogger

I started DorkyMum in 2011 – when I was still living in Edinburgh – as a creative outlet that I could fit around my life as a stay at home parent.

Now that DorkySon is older and requires a little less attention (only a little!) I work freelance as a copywriter and feature writer. I’m based in Hobart, Tasmania, but have clients across Australia, the UK and US.

To check out the services I offer in copywriting and feature writing please visit my professional website 

You can also browse a selection of my published pieces below.


Parenting and Family

Environment and Activism


Food and Drink

Life and Style

Arts, Books and Culture

Humour and Miscellaneous


Photo Credit: Margaret Clift McNulty

7 responses

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  2. My mother and sister told me this week that people get paid to blot. Let me know if you actually get any offers.

  3. Hi, you are an amazing writer. I have read “Yes And No” and your blog about chasing the Northern or Southern lights. I loved both and agreed with your views. I am glad I found your blog and I will continue to follow it!

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