A Quick Update

Marc and Philip

Last week was one of those that I would quite like to forget about, to be honest. I got my speeding penalty letter on Tuesday. It turns out that even when you get a nice policeman and it’s just a caution you still get a $110 fine. On Wednesday I dropped my phone and smashed the screen. “Great,” I said to DorkyDad, “That’s two things… I wonder what the third will be?” I didn’t have to wait long to find out. On Thursday when I was in the shop getting a new phone sorted out it took so long that I came back to the car and found a parking ticket.

Then on Friday came the news that put all of my little grumbles into perspective. Two friends – two of the people I went to Greenland with, nine years ago exactly – had gone missing in the Arctic. Unfortunately, the rescue mission soon turned into a recovery mission. As I write this they have still not been found – I hope for their families’ sake that they are soon. I have had a very sad few days thinking about them, but I’ve also been smiling as I remember some of the incredible experiences we had together. It was a privilege to write a piece about Marc and Philip for the Guardian Environment blog, which you can read here.

The one piece of good news last week was that I have been shortlisted for Best Writer in the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards. I’m not really doing much to deserve that at the moment, but thank you so much – I very much appreciate the support of all my readers. If you’d like to cast your vote to see me in the finals – or any of your other favourite bloggers who are shortlisted – it’ll take you two minutes to do here.

Normal blogging service will hopefully be resumed soon.

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    • Thanks Allegra, appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. You know what a tight knit community it is, tough to lose people who have contributed so much x

  1. Oh goodness, I am so sorry about your friends, yes things like that really do put things into perspective don’t they. The award nomination is totally justified however, it isn’t quantity it is quality and you always inspire me with your writing.

  2. It is sadly true that often things come along that put our minor grumbles into real perspective. I am sorry for your loss. Your guardian piece was a beautifully written tribute – and yet another sign of why that writers award should be going to you this year x

    • That’s okay, thanks for your lovely kind comments S. It has been hard for us all to get the language right around this – it’s why I’m hoping there is some kind of closure soon xx

  3. I’m so sorry you had such an awful week – it must be awful just waiting for the news x x

  4. So so sorry to hear about your friends, how awful. Also sorry about your costly week! I have yet to receive a speeding fine here, which is something of a shock, but they are far more reasonable, starting at 10Euros…

  5. When more trivial matters mount up and escalate into a mound of misfortune and gloom life has a way of making us realize just what is important. Much love to you Ruth, I hope that some news comes through soon x

  6. Such a bittersweet post – congratulations on being shortlisted, but I am ever so sorry about your friends. I read the link you mentioned on Facebook last week and got a little choked up. Hope you hear news soon xx

  7. Has there been any news on your friends? This is so scary. And, I totally agree, perspective is very important on a daily basis.

    On the happy side, congratulations on your well-deserved nomination! On my way to vote!

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