Guest Post: Little Things

Today’s lovely guest post is from Nikki Thomas – a former teacher who is now a freelance writer and blogger. She blogs at Stressy Mummy were she writes about the stresses and joys of family life with four children.

little things

One thing that being a mum has taught me over the years is that it is the little things that matter. Sometimes, those things that seem so small and insignificant mean so much and make a huge difference.

For me it is those hugs when you have little hands right the way around your neck, squeezing you tightly. Those same little hands that appear in yours at that moment when you really need someone to hold your hand. The ‘I love yous’ that are murmured from sleepy heads and the home made cards declaring you to be the ‘best mummy in the world’. Those sneaky smiles and waves from the classroom when they spot you there at the end of a day followed by a run towards you and a hug that nearly bowls you over when they haven’t seen you for several hours. Watching over them and hearing the soft slow breathing as they sleep. Silky soft skin and hair with a lingering smell of baby shampoo and grass.

The excitement over a fallen out tooth, the jubilation at a winning goal, the constant chatter about random things and the end of the day snuggles with a story at bedtime.

Such simple pleasures that cost virtually nothing but mean everything.

These little things mean so much to us as parents, yet we sometimes forget that it is the same for our children. They love the little things too.

Baking a cake and licking out the bowl, playing cricket in the garden, a story at bedtime and hugs whenever they need them. A friendly face at assemblies and sports days, words of gentle encouragement when things are tough. Building something exciting with a cardboard box, taking an interest in their homework orthe book they’re reading. Board games and bike rides, water fights and walks to the park. Hide and seek, tickles and hugs. A homemade dressing up costume or their favourite meal.

They want and need a little bit of time and attention and it is that time and attention that makes things matter; not how much money was spent.

We seem to live in a world where everything has to be bigger, bolder and better. Children are so often given so much; they don’t and can’t appreciate it. Yet the expensive toys, the costly days out might be fun for a while but in the end, it is the little things that matter.

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  1. How lovely a post and you are so right. Those little things mean the world to us, but it’s good to be reminded that they mean the world to them too. As mine get older (and I know yours are a nice range of ages) I fear I feel the need for those little things more than they do most of the time, but they always come back to us when they need to for them!

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