Look! A book! (Or ten)

We spent the weekend tidying up our little rental cottage and getting ready to move again.

Gosh,’ said DorkyDad. ‘I seem to have acquired quite a few books since we got here…

stack of booksCrikey,’ I said, as I gathered together my own pile. ‘So have I. It’s only been seven weeks. I’m not sure how that happened.

stack of booksAnd then we got onto sorting out DorkySon’s stuff. And we both felt a bit better about our own book addictions.

Pile of children's booksThat boy has a serious problem.

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  1. That boy has good genes, I particularly admire his choice of the book 3rd from the top, and also the one 3rd from the bottom 🙂

    Thinking of you lots today – I received an order from Hobart and have been singing along to my Ladyhawke CD – a definite Southern Hemisphere vibe on Benbecula today!

  2. LOL…. I love this post – a family in books. That’s so imaginative. How are you finding Donna Tartt’s new tome? I can’t wait until we do the building work on our home and have proper bookshelves fitted, I love a good bookshelf. X

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