The Gallery: Self Portrait

The theme over at The Gallery this week is self-portrait.

As soon as I saw that I knew which photo I was going to use for it. It’s not a recent one – in fact it’s almost four years old, but it remains one of the few pictures of myself that I really love.

self portrait with baby

I can’t remember exactly how old DorkySon was – just a few months I think – but I do remember that this was the first day after he was born that it was warm enough for us to spend an afternoon out in the garden.

He lay there kicking away in his little duck dungarees, working the polka-dotted-hat look, while I lay there working on my freckles and soaking up the sun. When he got antsy I’d pick him up and walk around for a few minutes, showing him the flowers, and the bees buzzing around in the bushes.

It’s far from being a technically perfect photo, but even this far on, it brings back lots of happy memories of a simple but sweet day.



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    • He spent the first year of his life looking worried, and then suddenly learned how to turn on a big dazzling smile! Thanks for the comment x

  1. I took a similar photo a few months after Kitty was born in a local field – I look back on it the same way, such happy memories and joy. It seems a age since they were this little doesn’t it?

    Lovely photo x

  2. What a lovely picture πŸ™‚ reminds me of some self portraits I’ve done with my son which I love too – far more personal than professional pictures!

    • Ahh, thank you! Professional pics are always tricky. The best ones we’ve had done are by photographers who are also friends, so we were all comfortable with them.

  3. Beautiful picture, love those moments when you can just lay back and relax with them, lasts about 0.5 seconds when they start walking doesn’t it!

  4. It’s the story behind a photo that makes it special. Yours is lovely. I have some similar is from when Bunny was tiny, enjoying time together in the sunshine, in the park. I love those photos for the memories they invoke!

  5. But the memory is perfect, eh? My favorite photo of myself includes my eyes closed (a blink, for sure) while I drop strands of homemade pasta onto boiling water. I remember that dinner vividly… The memory is perfect; the photo is the perfect reminder…

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