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So I’ve written and rewritten a million beginnings as I try to work out what to write for my first ever guestpost for dorkymum. Instead of my usual post about what funny things Eva has done, I decided I’d use this as an excuse to write something slightly different.

I wanted to write about ‘family’. What do you class as family?

For me, family means those closest to you that you know you can trust, would do anything for you and you would do the same for them. To me, family is knowing someone is just a call away. Strangely enough I’ve spent my life without any real family around me. But now I have started my own, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what family means. After thinking this over and over for the last few years I’ve worked out that at the very least I will always make sure I am there to support my family.  If I can help in any other way I will always try my best to do so.

I’m currently in a tough situation. We have no one around to help us get back on our feet (to be fair it would take more than I would ask of anyone) yet if either of our parents were decent people the whole mess we are in would be solved instantly. So I have also decided that if someone I class as family needs help, and I can do something, I will always step up and do what I can.

I have always done this naturally, and unfortunately I have sometimes been taken for granted so I have thought a great deal about who I would consider actual family.

Firstly my daughter, she will always come first regardless! Second would be the Mr, even if we were to ever split up (I hope that never happens!). With him I honestly believe I would still consider him family, he will always be Eva’s dad because he is the best dad he can be to her and I know that wouldn’t change. Also because I can never thank him enough for the support and help he has given me with dealing with my past, my emotions, and myself in general. I am who I am because he quite literally picked up the pieces and made me stronger. And of course we have been through a lot together over the years!

I thought long and hard who else I would consider family and I came up with only one person. That is my friend Charlotte. We were friends in high school. We both went our own ways having our own problems after school but over the last year we’ve lived just a few miles from each other and she comes over when she’s not massively overworked! We’ve supported each other the last few months as we are both going through a lot, she has made sure I had nappies for Eva and milk, and she even went shopping one day and brought me enough to see us through for the week! I know if I needed to I could call her for anything and she would do her best, and I would definitely do the same for her. She doesn’t judge me when others would and she would do anything for Eva. I have even discussed having her as Eva’s next of kin if anything were ever to happen to one of us.

Have you ever thought about who you would class as family? Most would say all their blood relations. Apart from Eva I can’t say that, but I am grateful for the small family I do have.

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  1. You’re right to hold on and cherish the small family that you do have, who do you proud. I’m lucky in that I come from a big, very close family who regularly are there for me. That said, there are few close and old friends who I also consider part of the family. Family’s about love, commitment and loyalty – that can come in the form of blood relatives AND close friends.

  2. Lovely post – at the end of the day, I guess that family could be considered anyone who has really been there for you giving support and loyalty etc whether that’s blood relations or closest friends. There are some members of my family I wouldn’t consider family really, and then I have close friends I would.

  3. I am very lucky to have a ‘family’ family that I love dearly and who would do anything for me, and I for them, but I also have a couple of absolutely cracking friends who I know that I could turn to for anything whatever it may be and that they like your friend Charlotte would do their absolute best to help.
    You have written a really lovely and timely post for me as I am living abroad at the moment and am really missing my family and my other ‘family’ and being so far away without that support makes me realise how blessed I am to have those people in my life – even if they are far away.

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