Feeling Better

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You know that thing where you don’t realise how cruddy you’ve been feeling until you feel better?


I finally got round to making an appointment with a new acupuncturist a couple of weeks ago, and spent an hour on a Saturday morning having needles stuck in me.

As I usually do afterwards, I then spent the rest of the day feeling pretty drained and exhausted. But the two weeks since then have been something of a revelation.

For the first time in about six months, I haven’t had to join DorkySon in taking an hour’s nap every afternoon. I’ve been sleeping much better at night, and feeling considerably more energetic during the day. As well as improving my energy levels, I’ve also been feeling in a much better mood, keeping minor niggles in perspective rather than letting them turn into big dramas. Such serenity is a little unsettling!

It’s amazing how much more you can get done when you’re not feeling tired and grouchy all the time. I am overflowing with ideas for blog posts, and have been ticking off lots of daft wee tasks that have been lingering on my to do list for months.

There has also been one very unexpected side effect, which DorkyDad is utterly bemused by. I can’t seem to keep out of the kitchen. Normally he does the majority of the cooking in this house, but I’ve been bitten by some kind of baking bug. Over the last ten days, DorkySon and I have made plum flapjacks, chocolate brownies, jelly, apple tarts, and banana bread. I’ve also made a lovely chicken soup from scratch, along with green chilli one night, and lamb with dauphinoise potatoes another.

This is not like me at all. It’s getting worryingly close to Domestic Goddess territory.

I may have to stop doing laundry or something to compensate.

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  1. Oh my God *rushes off to make acupuncturist appointment*.
    Seriously though, glad you’re feeling better. Having just had a wee nap while the kids were watching TV downstairs, I’ve gotta work on my energy levels and start getting through a very long “to do” list.
    Never tried acupuncture before. But it definitely sounds interesting x

    • I’ve done a more detailed post about acupuncture that is going up on Maternity Matters soon, about how it helped with PND. I’ll ping it your way when it’s up, might be something worth considering lovely xx

  2. *googles if you can have acupuncture in pregnancy* I am longing for that feeling of having energy to do things, rather than being sat on the sofa half asleep and achy, for one thing my house looks like a bomb has hit it! Glad you are feeling better, those bakes sound delicious too!

  3. That was so feel good. Acupuncture has such positive effects! It unblocks parts nothing else seems to reach! And good sleep makes all the difference doesn’t it? Can you come and bake in my kitchen please? X.

  4. I had weekly acupuncture sessions for a few months last year and I weirdly really enjoyed having the needles stuck in me! Sadly, it did not have the same effect on me though and was costing me a fortune so I had to stop going. I’ll take the number of your practiioner though!

    • It’s funny – I’d just assumed that one would be much the same as another, but the technique my new one uses feels very different to the one my old one used. They specialise in different areas of health too, so it may be that you’d get better results with someone else, or it may be that’s it’s just not for you! The one I’ve got now does Chinese herbal medicine as well as acupuncture, and I’ve not used that before so it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. Currently taking pills called ‘freeing the moon’!!

    • I’ve written a much longer piece about acupuncture that Jayne is going to stick up on Maternity Matters sometime soon – will send it to you when she does. Basically it’s the only thing that has stopped my bonkers hormones running my life xx

  5. Love this post. (Must disclose that am an acupuncturist and therefore slightly biased!) And it’s a timely reminder to me that I need to get some treatment myself. Physician heal thyself and all that.

  6. I totally believe in acupuncture and had it throughout both my pregnancies to stop me miscarrying (again) and it worked both times. It’s truly wonderful and now scientists are proving the existence of the body’s Meridian pathways with Geiger counters. Glad you’re feeling better. I think I want to move in with all that scrummy grub about!

    • Ha you’re welcome to come round for a cuppa and some cake anytime! I hadn’t realised the ‘proper’ scientists were now working on it – how interesting. The Vet School at Edinburgh Uni used it on horses, which I found fairly persuasive! Good to hear you’re another fan though – it’s magic stuff for sure. xx

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