Break the Bag Habit

I remember very vividly my first encounter with Lush. I was probably twelve or thirteen, walking along Princes St in Edinburgh with a friend, when suddenly I was hit by the most incredible smell.

Wow,” I said. “What is that? It’s GORGEOUS.”

It was Lush.

We went and pressed our noses up against the window, lusting after the fizzy pink bath bombs and the slices of soap filled with funky shapes. It was every teenage girl’s dream, and it came as no surprise to me a few months ago to learn that my own niece – who is sixteen – now counts Lush among her favourite shops too. Ethical companies selling quality products will always be popular.

Lush Break the Bag Habit

I’m super chuffed to be supporting Lush’ Break the Bag Habit campaign, which launches today. Here are a few plastic bag facts…

• In the EU we create more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic bag waste each year

• Use of plastic bags in the UK has gone up this year to over 8 billion single use carrier bags produced

• These plastic bags will litter our environment for over 2,000 years – polluting our seas, our cities, our countryside and killing our wildlife 😦

But here’s some better news…

It’s not inevitable! In countries where a ban or 5p charge has been introduced plastic bag use has typically dropped over 95%.

Following the successful introduction in Wales of a 5p charge on all plastic bags, Lush has launched the Break a Bag Habit campaigm, which calls on the Government to implement the same charge across the UK.

With this model retailers would be required by law to charge 5p for bags with all profits from the charge going to local environmental charities.

To raise awareness of the campaign, and highlight the problems with plastic bags, Lush is running two fun competitions.

1. Bury the Bag Monster

Lush is inviting you to draw on your artistic talents and create a gorgeous (or gruesome) picture of a ‘Bag Monster’. Once you’ve drawn it, just take a photo, post it on Instagram or Twitter and use #burythebagmonster. Winners will have their design printed on a canvas bag full of fabulous Lush products.

 2. Bag Adventure

The Bag Adventure competition also encourages your children to use their imagination. Entering the competition is simple; just record and upload a video to YouTube or Vimeo of a young person in your life answering the following question:

What happens to plastic bags when Mummy and Daddy throw them away?

Remember to use the hashtag #bagadventures and the first 50 videos uploaders will receive a Lush thank you gift.

For full terms and conditions, along with further details of the Break the Bag Habit campaign, you can visit the Lush website.

9 responses

  1. 99% of the time, I use my own bags for the food shop or when just popping to the local shop. But I don’t do the same if I’m out clothes shopping or shopping for gifts. It’s just habit and I know I should, but there I am, standing in the queue of M&S and thinking, I should have my own bag.

    • You know, that’s such a good point. I always use them when I’m food shopping, but almost never do for other kinds of shopping. I wonder why that hasn’t become a habit yet? Hmm…

      On the occasions when I do end up bringing plastic bags home we re-use them as mini binliners in our bathroom bins.

  2. I am obsessed with not using supermarket bags – I really annoy myself if I am forced to. I try to avoid bags in other shops too and then I try and re-use them practically. It amazing and angers me the amount of bags people use – I find myself staring (am I starting to sound weird now?) at people using loads and loads of bags in the supermarket and wonder what they are going to do with them all? bin them? clearly not re-use them or they wouldn’t be using to many. I don’t understand how people justify it – sometimes I really want to ask…
    anyhow – great post!

  3. I used to be very good at using reusables – but I always forget here. I am however looking forward to when N.ireland brings in the pay per bag scheme next year! I ❤ Lush for their ethical stance and beautiful products 🙂

  4. The smell from Lush is gorgeous but sometimes it sets off my asthma. I do reuse bags or use ages for life for food shopping but I hate it when buying clothes and they ask if I want a bag,I would feel like a thief if I put a jumper or top in my own bag I would surely be stopped at security. Maybe they should bring back large paper carriers for clothes buys.

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