Syria: Untold Atrocities

I don’t very often include videos on the blog. But sometimes I think it’s really important to let people speak their own words, in their own voices. This is only two minutes long. Please watch it.

Back in June, a lot of us blogged about Syria; about the atrocities that were happening there. We had been shocked into action by a newspaper article detailing the violent horror that had taken place in the Syrian city of Houla.

Nearly four months has passed, and those atrocities are still happening. No-one has stopped them. Countless Syrian children are being badly traumatised after witnessing killings, torture and terror.

Save the Children has been refused permission to access Syria but they are on the ground on the country’s borders, working to help children come to terms with the devastating psychological impact of their experiences, providing specialist support to children showing signs of distress, including self-harm, nightmares and bedwetting.

Today, Save the Children has released a report – Untold Atrocitiesa collection of first-hand accounts of the conflict from children and parents receiving help from Save the Children after fleeing Syria. The accounts contain graphic details of how children have been caught up in Syria’s war – witnessing massacres and in some cases, experiencing torture.

They are calling for the UN to step up its documentation of all violations of children’s rights in Syria and asking that it should have more resources to do this, so that crimes against children are not committed with impunity.

We have to lend our support to this campaign. We have to keep making a noise about it. This can not continue. We have to help save Syria’s children.

Save the Children

So what can you do?

1. You can share the video, or this post. Make sure that everyone hears these children’s stories. Stick it on your Facebook page. Email it to a friend. Tweet it, using the #savesyriaschildren hashtag.

2. You can sign this petition to the UN.

3. You can donate to Save the Children here. All money raised will help to provide basics like food and blankets to children in refugee camps.

4. To find out more about the campaign, visit the Save the Children website here.

Thank you for support.


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