Free Range Kids

Sustrans Free Range Kids

I first encountered Sustrans when I was working for Stop Climate Chaos, and I was hugely impressed by the range of work they do. I’m delighted to now be able to support their Free Range Kids campaign, which calls for measures to be taken to allow kids to play outside and move around their local area more safely, freely and independently. Specifically, they’re asking for the law to be changed to make 20 miles per hour the maximum speed limit in residential areas across the UK and for further investment in walking and cycling routes, particularly to school.

Sustrans have set up a website for the campaign which aims to get these messages across, whilst at the same time providing practical information, ideas and resources for schools and parents to help get kids outside and active. I absolutely love their summer activity sheets, which are packed with ideas for things to do outside over the holidays.

There are various ways in which you can support the Free Range Kids campaign – you can sign the pledge on the website, or if you’re feeling super enthusiastic you can help to spread the word by handing out pledge cards locally.

If you want to get your family involved, Sustrans have launched a great competition where children can tell us what they think about speed limits.

The competition, called ‘Be a Two-Zero Hero’ invites children aged 7-11 to design a postcard telling us what 20mph speed limits in their local area would mean to them. You can watch a wee video with more info here.

After the competition closes on 31 October, Sustrans will be sending copies of the entries to local politicians and transport planners to let them know what children in their area think.

As well as having their voices heard, there is the chance to win a short family break from glamping specialists Sawday’s Canopy and Stars, a children’s bike from Islabikes or a BMX stunt display for their school. More information, including entry forms can be found online.

Sustrans Free Range Kids

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  1. I think this is a great idea, but I wouldn’t start from here (as they say in Ireland). First I would make it a legal requirement that all new cars are designed to be able to cruise comfortably at 20 mph – they don’t at the moment, and I’m sure if they did far more motorists would reduce their speed. I also think that families can kick this off by reclaiming the streets – when my eldest was young, I would be out with her and her friends, warning and stopping traffic if necessary. If more people did that and residential areas were full of families out on the streets cars would have to slow down.

  2. Brilliant! I love Sustrans and will definitely support the campaign, my kids are just outside the age range at both ends for the postcard comp, which is a shame. i too think we ought to reclaim the streets and would like to see more people walking their children to school come rain or shine!

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