Let’s Talk About Sex

I know, I know. It makes me feel all squirmy and awkward to talk about it too. But sometimes you just have to get over that. This is important. It’s really important.

Imagine that you, your sister or your daughter had no power to decide when to have children.

That’s the reality faced by millions of women in our world: women who can’t get contraception, are forced into early marriage, or denied the right to say no.

It’s a reality that means women and girls have babies too young, or can’t safely space out their pregnancies – needlessly costing hundreds of thousands of lives every year.

At a Family Planning Summit in London in just three weeks time, David Cameron can do something about this.

Join Save the Children in making sure that he does.

With your help we can persuade world leaders to agree to commitments that would mean by 2020:

  • nearly 3 million fewer babies dying
  • more than 100 million fewer unintended pregnancies
  • 200,000 fewer women and girls dying in pregnancy and childbirth

Providing more condoms, injections and pills is crucial. So too is making sure that women are empowered to access contraception. We need action on both if women are to have the power to plan when they have their children, and give them a better chance to survive.

Make sure David Cameron understands how important this is to the British public by signing the Save the Children petition.


One response

  1. Well done for highlighting this. It’s amazing how something like contraception that we take for granted in Britain is being denied to so many millions of women across the world. Whether or not to have children should be a woman’s right to choose.

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