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The lovely ladies across at Mummy Central have tagged me in a hilarious post, where they lament the number of times a day their kids ask them ‘Why…?’. They have recommended that we turn the tables of on our toddlers and provide them with a list of our own ‘Whys’. How could I resist? Here are mine.


Why is it that no-one has yet invented a hoover with a Playmobil filter, to stop those fiddly little firemen’s gloves and builder’s hardhats being sucked up the tube?

Why is it that your tummy can be full after three mouthfuls of pasta, but it seems to have unlimited capacity for jellybeans and ice cream?

Why is it always the big wees that miss the potty?

Why do you think 5.30am is an acceptable time for the day to start?

Why do you always choose incredibly long books for your bedtime story?

Why is it that you take up the most room in bed, even though you’re the smallest person?

Why is it that your parents’ idea of heaven – sunshine, sand and sea – seems to be your idea of hell.

Why do you think it’s okay to tell me when my outfit looks ugly? (Honesty is not always the best policy, DorkySon… you will learn this!)

Why do you always assume that when the postman delivers a parcel it’s for you?

Why do I always have to take 200 photos to get just one where you’re not pulling a silly face?

Why is it that for just one of your total wraparound ‘best hugs in the world’ I forgive you all of the above?


What is your list of questions for your child? I’ll tag a few bloggers below to keep this going, but feel free to join in even if you haven’t been tagged. Once you’ve done your own post head over and add it to the linky at Mummy Central.

Being Mrs C – Mummy Adventure – Tea and Biscotti – Babberblog – let’s hear from you!

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  1. All perfectly valid questions although I am sure if I was to ask Darling Daughter any of the above she would respond with ‘what you talking about mummy’ as if I was talking absolute nonsense!

  2. Hahaha. Loving this. I’m definitely with you on the early starts – just about to go online and buy a super duper blackout blind to get us through the summer.
    And the big wees one is very true as well. Why do boys forget to make sure their bits are pointing downwards into the loo – so their pee is sprayed EVERYWHERE and your bathroom looks like it’s been through a flash flood?
    Donna x

    • In defence of us boys: it’s a long time ago, but I remember missing the toilet many times. Just because your willy is pointing down, doesn’t mean your wee comes out in the same way. Mine often came out at an angle. So it’s really not our fault!

    • It’s when you don’t notice and you step in it… Bleurgh! We just got blackout things the other week and they have helped SO much. Good luck! Xx

    • Oh that’s lovely, thank you so much 🙂 I will take a wee peek later. I’ve been thinking of you – have you thought about joining the Foodies 100 with your blog? Xx

      • That is a pleasure – I don’t comment very often but I do enjoy reading (as do many other people from the look of it – so pleased for you!). I’ve not thought about joining the Foodies 100 – thank you for suggesting that – I’ll look into it!

    • The food thing amazes me – he’ll come home from nursery after a two course lunch, and will still ask for a huge snack plate of fruit and bread sticks. Don’t know where he puts it!

  3. re the bed thing. also Why do you not wake or move when i need you to shift up a bit BUT you wake in a second if I try to sneak out of bed for some ‘me’ time. 🙂

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