A Toddler’s Guide to Friendship

It’s funny. I’d always assumed that friendships between boys were much less complicated than those between girls. Certainly when I was at school it always looked that way. Girls were forever falling in and out of love with each other, creating cliques, promoting and relegating each other to and from the position of ‘best friend’. It was stressful stuff.

Boys seemed to just get on with it. They were either friends, or they weren’t. No drama.

Recently, DorkySon has made me reconsider that view.

I picked him up from nursery a couple of weeks ago, and we had our usual wee chat on the way home.

How was nursery today?’ I asked. ‘Was your friend Harry there?

Harry isn’t my friend anymore.’ said DorkySon, scowling a bit. ‘He cries too much.

Ouch, I thought, that’s a bit harsh. But I didn’t say anything. DorkySon is more than capable of making his own decisions about friendship. If ‘no crying’ is one of his criteria then I suppose that’s fair enough.

Last week it got worse.

How was James today?’ I asked.

I don’t know,’ said DorkySon. ‘James is not my friend anymore. He always says hello to me.

Yikes, I thought. Struck off the friend list for saying hello? My boy is being pretty tough here!

Yesterday, I was almost scared to ask. But ask I did.

Were any of your friends at nursery today?

Well,’ said DorkySon. ‘Emma was there. But she wasn’t my friend today because she didn’t have her glasses on. I don’t like her if she doesn’t have her glasses on.

So there you have it. Three mornings at nursery. Three friends struck off the list.

If you have a glasses-wearing toddler, who never cries or dares to say hello, please send them our way for playdates and guaranteed friendship.

(All names have been changed!)

12 responses

  1. lol, i totally know where ur coming from. my son started reception class last sept and everyday he is either best friends with one particular child or theyre not friends, i cant keep up with them!

  2. Hilarious, poor emma maybe you should send her mam a note requesting the glasses evryday

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