Last Post From Paris

Image of the Eiffel Tower with two pigeons in the foreground

Dear DorkyMum,

Well, it is over.  The 20112 Coupe du Monde de Slam Champion is David Goudreault from Quebec.  He was simply perfect, hit all three of his poems with calm, beautiful intensity.  The audience loved him.  The rest of the poets loved him.  He is a good and true champion. Second place looked like it would go to Roberta from Brazil after she scored two 10s during her final poem, only to have Chris Tse from Canada (the guy who knocked me out of the elimination round by 0.1 point!) score THREE 10s with his last poem.  And Youness Mernissi came in fourth in the scoring, but first in his elegant skills as a writer.

It was raining a soft June rain when I walked home early this morning, Paris cooling off after an unusually warm week.  I like to think the poets brought some of that heat with them, and that the rain was a sort of graceful recognition that our competition had come to an end.

I am coming home full of new ideas, bursting with lessons learned from 15 of the best Slam poets in the world.  We are thinking about trying to organize a Scottish Open, a truly international slam that would bring this amazing range of talent to Glasgow and Edinburgh so their skills can be showcased among people who love the spoken and written word.

But that is for later.  For now, tell DorkySon that Daddy is coming home.  It will be good to be quiet and snug and safe, and to smile and remember this time in Paris, written with eloquence and passion forever in my heart.

See you soon.

Love, DD


Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash

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