The MAD Blog Awards Carnival – Fun

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It still feels like a very long time until the MAD Blog Awards – the ceremony doesn’t take place until the end of September – but the MADS finalists are doing their best to keep you entertained with a series of carnivals throughout the summer.

It’s my turn to host this week, and I think I’ve got the perfect theme to combat all the doom and gloom that the bad weather has brought upon us. This carnival is all about FUN!

Transatlantic Blonde blogTransatlantic Blonde has a great post about an easy activity to do with a bored toddler on a rainy day. Her recipe for homemade ‘goop’ is achievable even for a craft dunce like me, and you can tell from the pics that Blondie Boy is having so much fun!



Multiple Mummy MAD Blog awards

Multiple Mummy has another post about a messy fun activity to do with the kids, and this one also involves putting them in the bath! I will confess to being a bit squeamish about doing too many activities in the house that require messy things – glitter, paint, food dye, bubbles and the like – but this looks like so much of a laugh that I might have to give it a go. I might even let DorkySon join in, if he’s lucky.


How to make grass heads with kids


Another crafty type is Red Ted Art, and Maggy has a slightly more complicated but still easy-peasy project to keep boredom at bay this summer. Her lovely photos and simple instructions on how to make a Mr or Mrs Grasshead should make for a fun afternoon activity with your kids, followed by weeks of fun watching them grow.



Science Sparks How to Make a Bottle Rocket

Last of the fun how-to activities is a bottle rocket from Science Sparks. This one looks like DorkySon’s kinda fun – lots of noise and drama! You’ll see from the video that it’s not one you can do inside, but head outside on a dry day and you’ll have an absolute blast! (Har-har!)


All Baby Advice blog


All Baby Advice had a lot of fun going to see Disney on Ice, and judging by the lovely happy photos it looks like her daughter did too. The show recreates some classic moments from favourite Disney films, combining them with ice-skating and acrobatics. It sounds very spectacular, and a great family day out.


Family Budgeting blogIf film is more your thing, then check out this great post from Family Budgeting about how to save money on your cinema trips. There is some helpful advice, that will help you save your pennies to spend on even more fun activities…


geekmummy blogDorkySon got very excited indeed peering over my shoulder as I read this next post. This isn’t just his idea of fun, it’s fulfills all his wildest dreams! It’s geekmummy’s post about the Sandbach Transport Festival. Old cars, trucks, a hog roast, child-friendly fairground rides, and half a Mini – so much fun for all the family!


Northern Mum blogPoor old Northern Mum wasn’t having much fun at all when she wrote this post, but fortunately it’s as hilarious as ever for the rest of us to read. She asks a good question though – how exactly are you supposed to parent with alcohol? Answers on a postcards please.


Actually Mummy Wot So Funee?I would advise you not to start reading Actually Mummy‘s Wot So Funee? posts unless you’ve got a good hour or two to spare, because there’s a few of them, and they’re all a right hoot. I’ve noticed once or twice myself that if I post something funny that DorkySon has said on my Facebook page, it’ll get a gazillion likes, whereas my own carefully written blog posts will usually only get one or two likes. *Harrumph* Actually Mummy has used that to her advantage and turned our kids’ naturally funny outpourings into this brilliant linky.


If all those posts haven’t provided the fun you’re looking for, then I have just one suggestion left. It’s 50 Things to do Before You’re 11 and three quarters, from Little Sheep Learning. Based on a National Trust Project, it’s a list of fifty outdoor activities that all kids should experience. So whatever the weather where you are this week, pull on your wellies, put up your brolly, and get outside to HAVE SOME FUN!

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