DorkyMum’s Blog Carnival

A couple of weeks ago, the BritMums blog prompt was to hold your own blog carnival – a post highlighting all your best posts from the year. I didn’t get round to doing it at the time, but as it’s coming up to the end of the year (and the 8 month anniversary of the DorkyMum blog!) I thought it’d be a fun thing to do.

When I started a blog back at the end of April, I just did it because I wanted to write. At that point I didn’t really know what it was going to be about… and if I’m honest I still don’t! Unlike a lot of other bloggers I wouldn’t say I have a niche. There’s a bit of parenting stuff on here, some occasional photography, a splash of poetry, a smattering of politics.

Within my first week on the blog, I’d posted about the closure of the Guardian Edinburgh blog, about swearing in front of your children, and a recipe for lentil quiche. That eclecticism is something that I’ve tried to continue throughout the year.

My most popular posts in May were the Things They Don’t Tell You about Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting – Part One dealing with the early days and Part Two dealing with later years. It was also the month that I got an idea for a book I’d like to write (and I’d still like to!), and the month that DorkyDad went off to Paris for the poetry slam world cup.

We went on holiday in both June and July, so I had some brilliant guest posts up, including Adam Ramsay on being an Uncle, Juliet Swann on being childfree by choice, and Nuala Fahey on baking with kids.

While my friends were busy keeping the blog going, I was busy taking DorkySon to Niagara Falls, admiring the street art in New Hampshire and wetting my pants at a wedding in Ireland.

August was Edinburgh Festival time, which was incredibly busy for us as a family. DorkyDad performed his own show while DorkySon and I hung out with John Hegley, reviewed shows and ate our way around the city. The whole thing ended on a real high.

September was a fairly quiet month because we’d just found out that we were going to be moving house. It was an emotional time, but finally prompted me to start taking photos again.

October was also quiet on the blog, because I was busy showing people round our own house (thieves, snobs, and nosey parkers, for the most part), and accidentally viewing other people’s houses that were well out of our price range.

In November we finally moved! It didn’t take long to settle in, although we had to invest in some new furniture to replace the things that wouldn’t fit through our new front door. I even managed to get all my Edinburgh nostalgia out of my system, with my personal A-Z of the city.

And now it’s December. Already. How did that happen? DorkySon seems to have had a particularly cheeky and quite funny month. He has been painting, winding his mother up, giving himself nosebleeds, and coming out with some classic lines.

We are all excited about Christmas. Our letters to Santa have been written. Our tree is decorated. And the seating plan for Christmas dinner is all sorted.

All that remains is to blow you some big Christmassy kisses, and say thanks for reading in 2011. I’ve got one more short blog post going up tomorrow morning and then that’s me until the New Year.

See you in 2012!

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  1. Isn’t it amazing what we can pack in to a few short months of blogging! You have the most wonderful writing style and I look forward to keep reading in 2012.

    Enjoy Christmas, Mich x

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