Kids and Photography

This is a guest post from Sylwia Presley, who blogs at The photographs are all taken by her 5 year old son. Sylwia and I were paired as part of the BritMums Guest Post Match Up – I’d never read her blog previously, but I love her combination of parenting, photography and tech posts, and I’ll definitely be adding it to my bookmarks bar!

It’s one thing to write about kids and technology, and other to experience them working with it on a daily basis. My son is brilliant in embracing all buttons, screens and on/off buttons so you can imagine that it gives his photographer mom great pleasure to see the world though the lenses held by small hands of a 5 year old. In our house we do not really like or accept the idea of buying kiddy devices – huge, plastic, and always blue cameras for boys are in a way a waste of time for me, because I think we do not need to distracts kids from the bare message of the device. And so I have presented my son with my old digital Kodak letting him study the process of capturing the reality. It must be said that the idea of being allowed to take over “mom’s camera” made a huge impression on my son and he feels really important with it. No super expensive toy camera could have achieved that 😉

I think teaching kids to use digital cameras and the process of photography is more about the ritual and game, than the idea of yet another present. Celebrating the new activity together, walking in the park, experiences travel with your own camera on your shoulder is so much better! There is a good list of kick off tips on how to teach kids photography here, but I still think that it is a question of knowing your child and finding the right channel to introduce it as fun but also useful tool to collect memories.

We love sitting down with my son in front of my mac or with the display on his camera and browsing through his pictures. Apart form the fact that is is a great practice for his little brain and memory; it’s also a great bonding exercise. Not to mention the marvelous feeling of finally gaining a glimpse of how our little ones see us and the would around them. And that I tell you is a magnificent feeling! 🙂

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