A Quiet Week (ha!)

Sorry it’s been such a quiet week on here… here are my excuses for the lack of posts.

1. We are still recovering from last weekend’s wedding in Ireland.

2. I’ve been a bit wiped out – on a combination of codeine and antibiotics – because I’ve had an infected wisdom tooth. Ouch. If anyone has had their wisdom teeth out, please share your experiences (although not the gory details…) in the comments, to help me make my mind up about whether to do the same.

3. DorkySon’s sleep is the worst it has been since he was a newborn. Hello again 3am wakeups! And 5am too! And no daytime nap anymore! Urgh. I’m hoping it’s just the light nights, and come the dark Scottish winter he’ll back to his twelve hours a night again…

4. I’ve been writing guest posts instead of posts for my own blog. Lovely Scribbling Mum is taking a well-earned break next week, and I’ll have something up on her site on Tuesday. And I’ve been paired up with Sylwia Presley‘s excellent parenting, photography and tech blog for the BritMums blog match up, so I should have something up there next week too.

5. I’ve been helping DorkyDad get ready for his PBH Free Fringe Show – Young Dawkins – What I Know About Women So Far. Writing press releases, doing online questionnaires, chasing printers, emailing friends, creating Facebook event pages… so much going on and his run doesn’t even start for another fortnight! The spoken word section of the Fringe, and especially the Free Fringe, looks really good this year. I’m hoping to have time for a post this coming week detailing some of the shows I’m most excited about seeing.

6. And on that note, my biggest excuse for the lack of posts is that I’ve been trying to wrap my head around all the children’s shows at the Fringe, in preparation for my role as Kids Editor for Fest magazine. While I’m certainly not complaining about being asked to do such a fab job, and I’m looking forward to seeing some of the shows with DorkySon, the prep work is time consuming and doesn’t really play to my natural strengths! Writing reviews – oh aye! Trying to pull together a review schedule for our six kiddy reviewers, and plan the pages for the five editions of Fest that will be published in the space of fifteen days?! Mmm, not so much! That said, the Preview edition was published this week, and looks fantastic. For a round up of the children’s shows, split into age ranges to make it easier to choose, check it out online here. And if you’re a visitor to Edinburgh and want to know the best places to eat, drink and escape the Festival crowds, check out this feature. And let that information act as my notice that it’s also likely to be pretty quiet on here over August…

7. Just to prove I’m not a total moaning Minnie, I’ll also share my highlight of the week, which was receiving an email from a friend overseas. She said that she’d just sat down and caught up with my life via this blog, and that it was almost as good as sitting down with me in person and catching up over a large glass of wine. Definitely the best blog compliment I’ve been paid so far, so thanks A!

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