An Epic Follow Friday…

I’d planned to make this blog about more than just parenting – and I will, honest – I’m just getting into the swing of things. But in lieu of the promised posts from me about politics, photography and poetry, here’s a quick round up of some blogs and websites on those topics that I enjoy.

We are spoiled for good blogs about politics in the UK. Political Scrapbook, Better Nation and Bright Green Scotland are always my first ports of call for all round left-leaning loveliness. Burdz Eye View, Midothian Green: Hearts and Mines, and Be Young and Shut Up are also worth a read, along with awesome Penny Red.

For poetic loveliness I recommend One Night Stanzas (along with its specifically feminist offshoot Girl Poems), A Lump in the Throat, Garrison Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac, and the Facebook page of the Scottish Poetry Library. There’s also a charming chap called Young Dawkins, who I am excited to say will be guest blogging right here in a couple of weeks from the Slam Poetry World Cup in Paris!

For photography, check out Shutter Sisters, Pioneer Woman and I Heart Faces. If you’re Edinburgh based, I can heartily recommend Cocoa Rose Photography.

For Edinburgh News, top of your list should be Guardian Edinburgh (which sadly won’t be running for much longer), The Nose, and Confessions of a Jobless Graduate.

And then just because I like them, I’d recommend 101 Ways To Cook Mushrooms (general food blog, not just about mushrooms), BearPaw and BearPaw (craftiness), Boxologies (sporadically updated, but some good stuff about Middle Eastern politics), and Think It Possible (Quaker-y thoughts).

Finally, I think you should check out my Mum’s lovely paintings of the Western Isles, and my mate Morag’s excellent cooking at the Good Seed Bistro.

Phew, that lot should keep you going for the weekend. I am always keen to hear about new blogs and websites that I should be checking out too. Please feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section.

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